Oracle to customers: 'Sun? Sun who?'

Oracle had better get a grip on support for Sun products before Sun customers jump ship en masse

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Instead, I got an email two days later saying that there were no visible problems in the diagnostic bundle. The tech couldn't assist further. Several replies to this email have gone completely unanswered. There's obviously something wrong with the device, but since it's a closed system, I cannot dig into it any further than the (admittedly gorgeous) UI. Hence, I need to talk to someone at Sun to resolve the issue, or at least identify why I can only push 50 IOps under NFS3 or NFS4 with small file sizes.

It's very frustrating, to say the least. Oracle apparently thinks of Sun as a redheaded stepchild to be tolerated at best, and ignored whenever possible. Maybe I'm just bitter, shaking my fists at the sky and yelling at no one in particular. I never expected Oracle to just leave Sun alone, but I really hoped that the surgery joining the two companies would not leave horrific scars.

Time may heal all wounds, but that doesn't help those who need to keep Sun gear running now, or those who are actually implementing new Sun hardware. If tales like this keep popping up, problem solved: no sales equals no support calls and, eventually, no Sun. Then again, maybe that was the idea all along.

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