Eclipse restructures Mylyn task-focused interface project

Open source Mylyn getting different subprojects that should give developers more integration and features

The Eclipse Foundation on Monday is announcing a restructuring of its Mylyn task-focused interface project, adding subprojects for several functions.

The open source Mylyn project features an extensible framework for integrating task and application lifecycle management tools within the Eclipse IDE. Subprojects will represent key IDE/ALM categories, including tasks, for integrating task and change management; source code management; build, for integrating build management and continuous integration; and review, for collaborative code review. The subprojects will have separate APIs.

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Developers should see more integration and features using Mylyn as a result of the restructuring, said Mik Kersten, creator of Mylyn and CEO of Tasktop Technologies.

"This is the biggest event in Mylyn since the 1.0 release" in December 2006, Kersten said. Almost every agile development and ALM vendor is now extending Mylyn, he said.

Several vendors will lead and contribute to the subprojects.

Rally Software will lead the tasks subproject, while Cloudsmith leads builds. Perforce will take charge of source code management and Inso will lead the review subproject.

Developers still will get a unified interface with Mylyn, Kersten said. The restructuring amounts to a change in governance for Mylyn, he said.

Mylyn is downloaded 1 million times per month, he said.

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