You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

More iPhone 4 troubles emerge, Jobs can't fight the email urge

Having trouble with your iPhone? Email Steve Jobs and you might get an answer, though not necessarily the one you'd expect. What else happened this week? The first inklings of Windows 8 leaked onto the InterWebs, at the same time Microsoft killed off a highly hyped product just weeks after its debut. The first trailers for the upcoming Facebook movie debuted, ICANN approved a controversial new three-letter domain, an enterprise giant announced plans to enter the tablet biz, and browser power underwent another shift. Do you have the power to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points each time you nail the right answer. Ready? Let's get started.

1. The iPhone 4 may be selling faster than hotcakes, but a few sticky problems have emerged. Which of the following is not one of the complaints iPhone users have lodged?

a. Videocam locks up
b. Yellowish spots on screen
c. Antenna problems
d. Short battery life

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