Openness central to IBM's vision of one-stop cloud marketplace

As part of new consortium, Big Blue aims to develop pick-and-mix option for cloud services

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This framework would be a welcome alternative to the current complex process of integrating outside Web services with internal processes, according to Dr. Fabiana Fournier, consortium leader and scientist at IBM Research. "Up until now, organizations have had to invest significant time and money in conventional, mostly manual blending and customizing efforts to enable their e-business service operations to communicate and work collaboratively," he said.

Through this kind of framework, businesses would be able to access services such as data storage, task execution, and service integration on a pay-per-use model, adding or reducing resources as needed.

ACSI has high hopes for just how much efficiency organizations will be able to wring out of such a framework versus the current integration of cloud services: at least a 40 percent reduction in the design and deployment of environments that support large numbers of service collaborations with similar goals; at least a 20 percent reduction in the costs of on-boarding into, and maintaining, service collaborations; at least a 30 percent reduction in ongoing manual activity needed to support typical service collaborations; and the automation of at least 90 percent of data transformation in service collaborations.

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