You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

Apple iPhone hits the stores, Google wins its copyright war

Hey, did you hear? A new iPhone went on sale this week. Amazingly, even the fourth time's a charm for Apple, which continues to generate large crowds and even larger hype. But that's not all that went down this week. Google won the latest round in its $1 billion dispute with Viacom, Salesforce joined the social networking crowd, the Kremlin signed on to Twitter, and we learned that pig farmers apparently believe in unicorns. (That will make sense eventually, trust us.) Do you have what it takes to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer, and no, wishing on rainbows will not help. Go on, get started already.

1. Google/YouTube has prevailed over Viacom and its $1 billion copyright suit (for the time being, anyway). What was the key to its victory?

a. Judge found no infringements
b. Viacom facilitated uploads of copyrighted material
c. Safe Harbor provisions of the DMCA
d. All of the above

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