Trend Micro offers VDI-optimized security solution

OfficeScan 10.5 protects virtual desktop environments on VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop

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This month, Trend Micro announced it is broadening its own virtualization security portfolio to enable enterprises to fully leverage the benefits of their desktop infrastructures. The company announced OfficeScan 10.5, a hypervisor-agnostic security solution for protecting physical and virtual desktops both on and off the corporate network. OfficeScan 10.5 integrates with both Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View, and is optimized for desktop virtualization. Key features include:

  • Automatically recognizes whether an agent is on a physical or virtual endpoint to better target protection -- conserves desktop performance and boosts desktop consolidation to keep ROI high
  • Prevents network, CPU, and storage conflicts by serializing scan and update operations per virtual server -- optimizing resource usage
  • Shortens scan times of virtual desktops by white-listing base images and previously scanned content -- by only scanning new content added by users, this radically accelerates performance and user acceptance

Trend Micro has also been offering other technologies since 2009 such as Core Protection for Virtual Machines, an anti-malware product built on hypervisor-based APIs such as VMsafe and specifically designed to secure active and dormant virtual machines; and Deep Security, a security solution designed to provide intrusion defense for both virtual and physical systems leveraging both VMsafe-based virtual appliances and in-guest agents.

"Our goal is to enable customers to fully benefit from virtualization initiatives, without security imposing performance or scalability constraints," said Steve Quane, chief product officer at Trend Micro. "We believe virtual desktop deployments will become increasingly popular over time. As early innovators in virtualization security, and with deep relationships with all key providers in the virtualization ecosystem, we can bring-to-market the most comprehensive and flexible virtual desktop solutions available -- both now and in the future."

OfficeScan 10.5 allows for more than 20,000 endpoints to be managed from one single OfficeScan Management Server, enabling customers to manage both their physical and virtual desktops from a single management console.

This latest version of OfficeScan 10.5 is expected to be available in late July 2010.

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