You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

Tablet mania reigns, Facebook feels your pains

They're heeeeeere. Several would-be Apple iPad killers showed up this week at trade shows in Taiwan and hoighty-toighty confabs in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, AT&T debuted a new wireless data pricing plan that left some people confused and others angry. Facebook's privacy fires continued to burn, despite the company's attempts to dump cold water on them. And a disgruntled AT&T user discovered that all CEOs are not as inclined to listen to their customers as Steve Jobs is. Are you on top of all the tech news that's fit to surf? Prove it by acing our quiz. Correct answers earn you 10 points. Now start clicking.

1. AT&T has ditched its all-you-can-eat wireless data plan and gone a la carte. Let's say you're a new AT&T customer who consumes 3GB of data a month but uses a tethered iPhone for laptop broadband access. What's that going to cost you each month?

a. $25
b. $35
c. $45
d. $55

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