Apple, you need to dump AT&T

AT&T just doesn't have what it takes to maintain a long and meaningful exclusive relationship with Apple

Oh, Apple, you're such a catch. You could do so much better than AT&T. After all that's happened this past week -- just today, even -- maybe it's time for you to see other carriers.

When I first heard that you'd entered an exclusive relationship with AT&T, I was frankly a little concerned -- not for lack of faith in AT&T but because you were limiting your options. But being, well, as controlling as you are, perhaps it made sense for you to limit yourself to a single partner, one you could watch closely at the opposite end of a short leash.

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Like so many relationships, it started out pretty well. True, some haters tried to come between you and AT&T, to push you into other relationships. But you would have none of that. You were committed.

Then things turned rocky, you have to admit. You were relying on AT&T to give you the support you needed, but it failed on more than one occasion. And remember South by Southwest 2010? That was downright embarrassing.

Even so, you were prepared to maintain your commitment, to weather the storm. Your faith in your partner has been admirable -- and understandable, given all the work you've put into the relationship.

But now, I'm really worried. Before, AT&T's bumbling was, at worst, making you the butt of jokes. But over the past week, your partner is exhibiting lapses that are downright harmful to you and that reputation you've worked so hard to earn.

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