Is a and Google marriage in the works?

Perhaps it's time these two 800-pound cloud computing gorillas got engaged

InfoWorld's editor Eric Knorr asked the question on everyone's mind: Will Google buy Salesforce next? He makes a good point in his blog post:

Google I/O last week provided yet another indication of the two companies' converging interests. Just as VMware and Salesforce struck an alliance last month to enable Java applications to run on the cloud development platform, VMware and Google announced a similar arrangement for the Google App Engine platform.

Google and Salesforce chase the same market and, thus, could provide strong channels for each other. Though Salesforce's and Google's App Engine overlap a bit, they can be combined fairly easily, and the hybrid product would be compelling to developers looking to get the best bang for the line of code.

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A few more reasons:

  • Google and Salesforce have well-defined points of integration established from an existing agreement. Thus, creating additional bindings for combined offerings shouldn't be much of a learning effort.
  • Salesforce won't have its market dominance forever, which investors and maybe even the executives at should understand. I suspect they'll want to sell at the top of the market, which is now.
  • What would you say to a free version of driven by ad revenue? I have a feeling the market would be there to support this, and it would provide a great upsell opportunity into the subscription service.
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