Riverbed WAN acceleration by the numbers

Depending on the WAN link and the data, RiOS 6 slashes transfer times from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds

The latest release from Riverbed, RiOS 6, continues to define what a WAN optimization and acceleration appliance should be. Highlights include new application specific optimizations for Citrix and Oracle, protocol support for Mac CIFS, a more streamlined SSL setup, and the ability to tune the Scalable Data Referencing engine (using disk-based deduplication, memory-only compression, or both) to meet specific network conditions. For details, see the full review, "Riverbed Steelhead rules the WAN."

Performance continues to improve. Although the gains are getting smaller compared to previous releases, there are gains nonetheless. Compared to native, non-optimized WAN links, the acceleration RiOS 6 provides is enormous. Below are test results of CIFS file transfers, an Excel open-copy-save as-open process, MAPI, and FTP across three simulated WAN links with different bandwidth and latency characteristics. The CIFS tests included 1,004 files totaling 10.4MB and a single 155MB ISO file). The MAPI test saves a 700K attachment from Exchange to the local drive. And the FTP test uses the same 155MB ISO file as the CIFS large file test. Times are in H:M:SS. Note that RiOS 5 was not tested on the T3/100ms link.

128Kbps w/ 40ms RTT

No optimizationRiOS 5 (1st pass)RiOS 5 (2nd pass)RiOS 6 (1st pass) RiOS 6 (2nd pass)
CIFS - Many small files1:05:510:12:040:04:450:10:46 0:04:27
CIFS - One large file2:58:041:56:440:01:381:57:16 0:01:18
Excel 4-step0:37:5802:07.101:43.20:02:24 0:01:57
MAPI1:57:0042.7900:10.500:03.5 00:02.4
FTP2:49:5001:54.50:01:250:01:50 01:10.2

T1 w/ 500ms RTT, 10^6 packet loss

No optimizationRiOS 5 (1st pass)RiOS 5 (2nd pass)RiOS 6 (1st pass) RiOS 6 (2nd pass)
CIFS - Many small files4:08:031:14:251:12:4531:27.0 23:46.5
CIFS - One large file2:54:1652:32.501:25.952:36.1 01:31.0
Excel 4-step45:44.601:56.601:42.701:58.2 01:16.4
MAPI2:2251.437.115.98 11.87
FTP02:40.151:28.505:15.848:38.0 01:04.8

T3 w/ 100ms RTT

No optimizationRiOS 5 (1st pass)RiOS 5 (2nd pass)RiOS 6 (1st pass) RiOS 6 (2nd pass)
CIFS - Many small files05:37.4NANA04:46.0 03:52.4
CIFS - One large file03:27.6NANA58.37 20.03
Excel 4-step58.6NANA14.51 13.86
MAPI7.85NANA3.09 2.67
FTP05:26.3NANA59.67 47.95

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