The view from inside Redmond

Peter prepares to get the scoop on Exchange 2010, advisory services, and more from Microsoft; now's the time to ask your questions

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Services Advisor team: I'll spend most of my time with this group. As an IT pro, my attention is usually all over the working parts of the technology, and many of you Enterprise Windows readers love that. But there is another angle to technology: how it is managed. IT decision management is becoming a growing part of Microsoft's business offerings. It has Advisers that help blend or align business and IT, so I'll explore the top issues to which customers come to Microsoft for help.

Customer Experience Improvement Program: These days, it seems as if you can't install anything from Microsoft without being asked to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). I typically say yes, but I never know what is happening on the back end when making that selection. Supposedly the issues that my system faces gets sent to Microsoft for review. There must be some threshold in place that lets developers know when an issue is more than an isolated event and must be handled. But what is that threshold? Who makes the call that it's a point requiring focus? How does the CEIP blend with IT feedback to create the map for the next version of any given product? I'm going to find out.

These are just a few highlights from my trip next week. I also hope to meet with several other teams to explore ideas related to the Enterprise Windows blog. It was either that or write something cheeky about the iPad!

If you have any questions for me to bring to Microsoft, by all means let me know. I'll report on the most interesting questions and issues here, and for narrower queries, I'll see if I can get direct feedback.

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