The view from inside Redmond

Peter prepares to get the scoop on Exchange 2010, advisory services, and more from Microsoft; now's the time to ask your questions

"Top 20 iPad Apps." "Why the iPad stinks!" "The iPad banned in Israel -- but now unbanned." I'm pretty tired of the repetitive storyline here. Where can a journalist/blogger find a decent angle for his column? It's time to go to the source of all things Windows: Microsoft. I'll be at the Redmond, Wash., headquarters next week to do some digging.

I'm on a quest, not merely for a coffee mug from the Microsoft store (although I'll certainly be buying gifts) but to find serious features to report back to my faithful Enterprise Windows audience. The trip begins next week, and I'm excited to say I have interviews lined up with a variety of development teams and support personnel.

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Here is a preview of the schedule:

Meeting with the SharePoint team: SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 will be released on May 12, according to Arpan Shaw, director of SharePoint. I've been in the beta program for both products, but there are many enterprise features I haven't had the chance to demo yet. I'll have a solid 90-minute one-on-one with the team to see the best it has to offer. Stay tuned.

Meeting with the Exchange team: Exchange 2010 SP1 is fast approaching, and I'm eager to talk to the team about a couple of items that will be enhanced in SP1. For example, in the initial version of Exchange 2010, Messaging Records Management 2.0 (the replacement for folder management policies) had a command-line PowerShell-only management interface. But Exchange 2010 SP1 offers a graphical interface, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action. Plus, there are enhancements to federation, to the Exchange Control Panel, and to the mailbox archive features, so I'm anticipating an exciting conversation.

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