Open source BI vendor ties up with Hadoop

Pentaho will be the first BI company to support the Hadoop framework for large volume database analysis

Open source business intelligence company Pentaho has said that it will become the first BI company to support Apache Hadoop, the project that offers a framework for large volume database analysis.

Hadoop, which has been making a name for itself as a technology for handling high data volumes, earlier this week signed a deal with IBM to help with the analysis of large amounts of data, a problem facing many organizations. "Five years ago, few people anticipated the common need to perform analytics on tens of terabytes of data, but we've blown past that threshold," said Richard Daley, CEO of Pentaho.

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By using Pentaho's BI suite, Hadoop will offer a single visual development environment to simplfy the creation of applications for analyzing the massive volumes of information currently being collected by enterprises. Hadoop itself has limited interfaces for visual representation so it's to be hoped that the Pentaho co-operation will make Hadoop easier for users.

"Pentaho will be using Hadoop, itself, Hive, Hbase as part of its work with Apache Hadoop," said Daley. He said that the tie-up would give "Pentaho users better value options for big data/big analytics." He highlighted Web Log analysis, ClickStream Analysis, Security Monitoring, Data Mining as areas that would particularly benefit.

Daley said that Pentaho's support of Hadoop would fit in securely with the company's Agile BI initiative, aimed at simplifying the use of BI for a wider set of users across the enterprise.

According to Daley, the first release of the collaboration between will be in July this year.

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