You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

Google gets ready for prime time

First Facebook was on the privacy hot seat; now Google is toasting its buns next door. Still, that didn't stop the G-men and -women from announcing plans to conquer yet another platform -- the boob tube -- in their relentless march toward world domination. In other news: Microsoft updated Hotmail (yawn), Yahoo acquired an Internet content mill (snore), and Facebook got banned in Pakistan, again (zzzz). Can you wake us up with your techno-brilliance? Award yourself 10 points every time you get it right. Now drink some Red Bull and let's get started.

1. Google is embroiled in yet another privacy controversy. What has it done this time?

a. Tapped into random Wi-Fi networks
b. Integrated Google Buzz with Yelp and Pandora
c. Displayed targeted ads in Google Profiles
d. Sold your data to the Chinese

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