Readers back Apple in Flash-on-iPhone dispute

An online poll shows most do not support a peace plan between Apple and Adobe, but instead endorse Apple's hardball stance

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InfoWorld reader "soubrase" blamed Apple's business interests for blocking Flash: "Apple doesn't want Flash to work better on its systems; it doesn't want users to have access to Flash content. Why would you buy that 99-cent game for your phone if you could play a Flash version for free?"

So did "jacks smirking reven" in comments posted at Slashdot: "The Apple/Adobe fight is about money and control. Apple wants to wall people into its garden, and Flash is an impedance to that. Apple's banking on customer loyalty (accept that owning an iPhone or iPad equals no Flash) and that HTML5 will replace Flash for video. If this was only about technological and security hurdles, it'd be done and done already. Apple and Adobe have the resources to get this working in short order. The issue is money. No amount of standards and compatibility will get past that."

Slashdot reader "Azureflare" also blamed Apple: "Apple wants total control over the tools used to create applications on their devices. It can't do that with Adobe Flash. Peace is not possible."

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