Microsoft Security Essentials arrives for small businesses

Small companies, nonprofits, and other groups can install up to 10 copies of Microsoft Security Essentials at no charge

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If you're looking for a big, all-encompassing anti-everything package with an integrated outbound firewall, website sniffer, hand holder, Swiss Army Knife sharpener, and floor sweeper, look elsewhere. Microsoft Security Essentials is small, fast, unobtrusive, effective, and focused on antimalware. It's also free, and it won't exhort or extort you for more money or resort to scare tactics to separate you from your shekels, unlike several other applications I could mention.

Yes, you can buy Forefront, Microsoft's big-company client security system. But for small-business owners, small nonprofits, and groups that can't afford full-time security staff, the lack of a Microsoft middle ground left few options other than the monster packages.

Additionally, independent testing organization AV-Test in Germany has certified MSE in its most recent report, with solid scores in all categories and particularly high marks for usability. Compare that with McAfee and Trend Micro, which didn't earn certifications in the same study.

InfoWorld's J. Peter Bruzzese offers an excellent overview of Microsoft Security Essentials on his blog. If you haven't used Microsoft Security Essentials, it's worth a read.

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