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InfoWorld news quiz: Oct. 8, 2010: The Facebook movie debuts, is Apple singing the Android blues?

Been to the movies lately? Then you've probably seen the one about the sweaty geek in a hoodie who managed to lose all his real friends while gaining 500 million fake ones. Aside from "The Social Network," though, there's plenty of other news. HP and Twitter both have new CEOs, while Google continued its acquisition spree. BlackBerry stepped into the Web tablet arena, while Internet Explorer and Apple's iPhone both lost market share, according to some sources. Have you heard the news? Prove it by acing our quiz. Correct answers are worth 10 points, and no, you may not steal your colleagues' test results and pretend they're yours. Ready? Then let's begin.

1. RIM is taking on the Apple iPad -- kinda/sorta -- with an enterprise-ready tablet device. What's this BlackBerry on steroids called?

a. BlackBook
b. PlayBook
c. WorkPad
d. BlackPad

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