News quiz: The week in tech

InfoWorld news quiz: Oct. 1, 2010: The Facebook movie debuts, aliens need friends too

What do "The Social Network," red dwarves, ET, and the Flintstones have in common? They're all part of this week's news quiz. This week it was AOL's turn to go on a social media shopping spree and Google's turn to censor search results. Also, this just in: Apple gets more news coverage than any other tech company, most of it gushing with praise. (We're shocked, simply shocked.) Have you got the mad skills required to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points for every correct answer (and no, friending Mark Zuckerberg won't earn you extra credit). Now begin.

1. It's hard to top a movie depicting your hero as a crass, socially challenged yet ruthless geek, but at least one person's trying. After "The Social Network" hits theaters, what's the next unauthorized Zuckerberg project?

a. A new Ben & Jerry's flavor
b. A comic book
c. A TV talk show
d. His own line of Axe male grooming products

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