HyTrust updates security appliance and moves into the cloud

HyTrust Appliance 2.1 adds integration with RSA enVision and VMware vCloud Director to provide stronger security and visibility to VMware-based clouds

As virtualization continues to strengthen its grasp over both private data centers and public cloud computing environments, one of the biggest barriers that continue to surface is the need to address and extend security measures.

HyTrust, a provider of access control and policy enforcement for the virtual infrastructure, is trying to fill that gap. The company launched out of stealth mode in April 2009 by announcing its first product, simply called the HyTrust Appliance, which was used to lock down and secure VMware ESX hypervisors and provide an audit trail for every touch point within the hypervisor or the virtual machine. The original security product was available as either a physical or virtual appliance, and it provided immediate support for VMware Infrastructure 3.5 environments and planned support at a later date for VMware vSphere 4.0, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V.

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During VMworld 2010, the company made a few announcements that extend HyTrust further into the VMware and cloud computing security world.

The first concerns a new tool called HyTrust Cloud Control and out-of-the-box integration between HyTrust Appliance and VMware vCloud Director. The combination of the two solutions provides strong authentication, role-based accessed control, security, and visibility to VMware-based clouds. This offering should address key security and compliance concerns of enterprise organizations that are considering migrating their applications from a private virtualized data center to a multitenant public cloud service.

Eric Chiu, president and CEO of HyTrust said, "HyTrust addresses those concerns head-on by allowing enterprises to maintain and extend their policies into the cloud while giving them the visibility they need to ensure compliance."

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