Power IT Down Day shouldn't just be Aug. 27

Power down your PCs and peripherals Friday for a worthy cause -- and every day after for the greater good

There's a dizzying array of specially designated days of the year. Some are worth observing, such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Veterans Day. Some are well worth ignoring, such as Be Late for Something Day. Some are downright confusing, such as Intergalactic Tutu Day. And there are those days that shouldn't require a special designation because the observance should occur every day.

Case in point: Power IT Down Day, which is coming up on Aug. 27. The idea here is for users everywhere to power down their computers, monitors, and peripherals at the end of the work day so they don't remain on and idle all weekend, burning up watts.

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It's the kind of practice that, by now, should be second-nature to both home and business users, because there aren't any valid excuses left for not powering down a machine that's not doing any work. Companies waste thousands of dollars each year powering machines for no reason, all the while adding to their carbon footprint.

There are even plenty of tools out there to help get a handle on PC power management so that users hardly have to give it a thought. Organizations with complex PC power management needs -- such as those that perform patching and backups at night or that have different users with varying requirements -- can invest in software products that almost literally pay for themselves.

Sponsors of Power Down IT Day, including HP, Intel, Citrix, and GTSI, are adding incentive for participation: They'll make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides services and aid to severely wounded members of the U.S. armed forces.

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