Open source IQ test

How much do you really know about the technicalities and history of the open source and free software movements?

Open source has emerged as one of the most important trends in the software industry, but myths and misconceptions about free and open source software still abound. How well do you understand the world of open source software? Take our 20-question quiz to find out, but be careful -- some of the answers might surprise you.

1. "Share and share alike" is an oft-cited tenet of the free software movement. How much money are you allowed to charge for distributing software that is licensed under the Gnu General Public License (GPL)?

a. Nothing; GPL-licensed programs are always free software
b. A "reasonable amount" to cover the costs of distribution (media, postage, and so on)
c. Up to $250 per copy of the program
d. As much as you want

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