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Apple iPhone's scary jailbreak, Google Wave doesn't have what it takes

Planning to jailbreak your Apple iPhone? You may want to think twice -- or at least wait until Apple patches a security hole that lets remote attackers take control of a jailbroken device. In other news: Google waved good-bye to Wave, its less-than-hugely-popular social networking collaboration tool; RIM debuted a new touchscreen BlackBerry just in time to get banned by a handful of countries; and Facebook ruled the roost as American's No. 1 time-wasting activity. Care to waste a little more time trying to beat our quizmaster? Give yourself 10 points each time you get it right.

1. A few days after jailbreaking Apple iPhones was declared legal, software appeared that does the deed simply by visiting a website via the handset's Safari browser. Which site?


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