Symantec ties Enterprise Vault to Microsoft cloud apps

New storage and backup gear for Enterprise Vault 9.0 integrate with Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Services

Symantec unveiled Tuesday updated storage and backup gear, giving Enterprise Vault 9.0 a way to integrate archiving and discovery-related legal requests with Microsoft's cloud-based Business Productivity Online Services. The best portable hard drives

This gives customers that have moved to cloud-based BPOS a way "to meet legal discovery requirements," says Brian Dye, Symantec senior director of product management. When lawyers need to run searches to discover and collect documents and email, Enterprise Vault 9.0 now provides a way to link to BPOS to do that through what's called the Discovery Collector.

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Enterprise Vault is getting a workout as organizations try out new technologies.

When Mediterranean Shipping, a large container-shipping company, started to use Microsoft SharePoint to issue daily advisories about shipment instructions, it found it also needed to deploy Enterprise Vault to retain substantial amounts of data each day but not "clutter up" SharePoint, says Sergio Fedelini, vice president of infrastructure at the container shipping company. "The information is old and we don't need to clutter it up."

In other announcements, Symantec also said it's offering NetBackup 5000 Deduplication Appliance, its first appliance form factor for NetBackup

Customers have been asking for this option, Dye says, and the appliance can be integrated into a storage pool with NetBackup 7.0 and 6.5. In addition, NetBackup 7.0 now has a way to backup cloud-based storage services from Nirvanix.

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