Mobile deathmatch: RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 vs. Apple iPhone 4

The new BlackBerry doesn't try to be an iPhone, but does work better with touch

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The overall winner is ...
If you want an iPhone, you won't want a BlackBerry Torch as a substitute. The iPhone remains the best device for the full set of mobile experiences: media playback, apps, email and other communications, and Web usage. And its UI is the best designed and most usable of all the mobile devices available today.

The BlackBerry Torch is a better BlackBerry, even with its inferior UI; it does add a better browser and more direct manipulation through the touch UI, but old-school BlackBerry users can opt for their tried-and-true techniques. The BlackBerry Torch doesn't attempt to clone the iPhone as the Palm Pre and Android devices do; RIM is trying to find its own way, even if it's not quite located it yet.

Overall, the iPhone remains the best smartphone today, but at least BlackBerry users now have a realistic touch-enabled option that fits in their worldview.

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