You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

Apple's credibility on thin ice, Internet gets a splash of Old Spice

It's definitely not Christmas in July for Apple, as bad press over the iPhone's alleged antenna problems caused the company to schedule a rare press conference unrelated to a "special event." Still, there was plenty of other news this week, like Microsoft's outing of a Russian spy, the emergence of Facebook's new "owner," and the apparent solution to a centuries-old riddle involving chickens. Do you have the eggspertise to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now start scratching.  

1. More iPhone 4 troubles plagued Apple this week. Which of the following things did not happen?

a. Consumer Reports recalled its recommendation of the iPhone due to signal problems
b. David Letterman devoted a top 10 list to mocking the iPhone
c. A Microsoft executive called the iPhone 4 "Apple's Vista"
d. Apple recalled 3 million phones

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