Pano Logic expands its zero-client virtual desktop solution

The company claims to be the first to extend support to all major hypervisors; the update also adds VoIP, videoconferencing, and multimonitor support

Pano Logic has released an update to its desktop virtualization solution, which now claims support for all three of today's leading virtualization platform hypervisors.

The company, which offers an alternative approach to thin client or traditional-based desktop deployments, originally only supported VMware virtualization technology. But last October the company added support for Microsoft Hyper-V, and now with Pano System 4.0, Pano Logic has reached the virtual trifecta, adding support for Citrix and extending its desktop virtualization solution across all three major virtualization platforms.

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The company said Pano System 4 is the only desktop virtualization solution available that can support Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware vSphere/View interchangeably, and interoperate with each platform's management systems.

"The consumerization of IT is becoming a powerful catalyst for desktop virtualization, and as network technology matures and security vendors catch up, cloud computing can finally deliver upon its promise to the desktop," said John Kish, CEO of Pano Logic. "This new paradigm requires a desktop architecture that works independently of the underlying hypervisor infrastructure and is interoperable with any management system. That is what we are giving customers today with Pano System 4."

The Pano System includes everything needed to deploy a virtual desktop solution on top of a Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware virtualization platform, including the company's eye-catching Pano Zero Client (now available in matte black in addition to its original silver finish) and its hypervisor-independent Pano Manager front end and connection broker software that helps provision, deploy, monitor, and control virtual desktops.

In addition to extending its virtualization platform support to Citrix, Pano Logic's new Pano System 4.0 solution includes other important updates.

The Pano Zero Client endpoint device is used to access the virtual desktop sessions. It's a simple appliance-like device that, unlike a thin client, doesn't contain a processor or memory but instead extends the virtual desktop's system bus over the LAN using native Windows drivers to connect the user's monitor, keyboard, mouse, and USB peripherals to the Pano Direct Service running inside the Windows desktop virtual machines. Because the device has no moving parts, there's no cooling necessary; power consumption continues to run at an industry-low 6 watts, which by comparison, is an order of magnitude better than any PC on the market.

Updated silicon in the new device now supports isochronous USB devices, which were not previously supported. Isochronous USB support makes possible such things as streaming video from a webcam for videoconferencing and bi-directional audio to provide support for VoIP.

The new device also adds dual digital video output (DVI) ports in addition to the VGA output in with earlier versions. A second monitor port has been provided to support dual-screen operation, something that end-users are becoming more and more accustomed to having on their desktop or laptop machines.

These types of additions enhance the overall user experience and help to ease the migration blues from no longer using a traditional PC in the environment.

Pano System 4 includes a year of maintenance and support. The company says that simplifying the purchase, implementation, and management of desktop virtualization is particularly important to help with enterprises and organizations planning to make the move to VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) in 2011. If the industry analysts and pundits are correct, VDI implementations should be on the rise throughout this new year.

What about you? Are you interested in desktop virtualization and VDI deployments in your environment?

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