Citrix, Amazon partner to expand Amazon Web Services

Citrix will optimize its XenServer virtualization and Windows software for the Amazon cloud

Citrix announced it has inked a new deal Amazon that will see the companies working more closely to make their virtualization and cloud platforms play nicer with one another. What makes this partnership a bit easier to manage is the fact that both companies offer solutions built on top of their own variant of the open source Xen hypervisor technology. In other words, from a hypervisor standpoint, there isn't a huge chasm to leap here.

The partnership calls for Citrix to provide engineering support to Amazon to help provide better optimization efforts for Citrix products and Windows applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It will also enhance interoperability between on-premise Citrix XenServer deployments and Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

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"Today's news expands our relationship with Amazon Web Services to enhance features in Xen, helping to further the rapid adoption of cloud computing by enterprise customers," said Simon Crosby, Citrix chief technology for its data center and cloud division. "This effort will also focus on furthering compatibility with AWS to give customers an enhanced experience when connecting their XenServer virtualized data centers."

The goal is to make it a much easier and more seamless process to migrate workloads between the locally owned and controlled, private virtualized data center and the Amazon EC2 public cloud, and ultimately work toward making the hybrid cloud a reality.

This latest agreement is more than just a hypervisor compatibility enhancement discussion, as it also talks of enabling the Citrix XenServer management tools to go beyond the walls of the physical data center and reach up into the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Citrix said it would also work with Amazon to help better tune Microsoft Windows and its applications running on Amazon's EC2 cloud environment. This makes perfect sense. As a longtime partner with Microsoft, Citrix engineers have a history of fine-tuning the Microsoft Windows operating system and making it stand up and dance in ways that even Microsoft couldn't have imagined.

Amazon and Citrix also plan to collaborate on other key areas to help advance cloud solutions for the enterprise. These areas include such areas as disaster recovery, applications-on-demand, advanced security, and compliance.

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