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Apple's iPad news not fit for print, Google hopes advertisers take the hint

After weeks of delays, the launch of The Daily -- Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs's iPad-based newspaper -- is delayed no more. Tune in next week for the details. What else happened? Mark Zuckerberg had his fan page hacked, proving that even he can be embarrassed on Facebook; the oldest galaxy in the universe has been discovered; your iPhone may one day replace your credit card; and Intel is taking creative advice from a rap star. Are you in the know? Prove it by acing our quiz. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now let's get it started in here.

1. Apple and News Corp. will finally be unveiling The Daily, their new iPad-only newspaper, next week. Who will be standing in for Steve Jobs to do the "one more thing" thing?

a. Tim Cook
b. Phil Schiller
c. Eddy Cue
d. Regis Philbin

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