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Jan. 14, 2011: Verizon on iPhone's horizon; new Android versions rising

Yes, yes, we know: There's a new iPhone available. Or at least a semi-new one. Verizon's entry into formerly exclusive AT&T territory was not the week's only news, though you might not know it from the wall-to-wall coverage. What else happened? Google's got yet another sweet release of Android in the works. Twitter released the names of people sought by U.S. authorities in the ever-expanding WikiLeaks case. Apple and Microsoft are fighting again, this time over trademarks. And Congress is leaping once again into the online piracy fray (so take cover). Got the skills to best our quizmaster? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now put down that smartphone and get started.

1. Step aside, AT&T, there's a new iPhone sheriff in town. Which of the following features does the Verizon iPhone have that the AT&T one doesn't?

a. CDMA antenna
b. FaceTime video
c. "Retina" display
d. White case

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