Gobble gobble: InfoWorld's top 10 tech turkeys of 2010

From AT&T to Zuckerberg, these politicians, companies, and CEOs served up huge helpings of greed and arrogance this year

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5. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski. Those of us who believe in an open Internet were pleased with his appointment, but nearly two years into his term, it's hard to see that Genachowski has accomplished very much. His staff has come up with lots of evidence that wireless carriers and Internet providers need to be reined in, but the boss continues to dance around the issues. Maybe it's the timidity that affects the entire Obama administration, but we needed an FCC chairman who will come out swinging -- and we haven't gotten that person.

6. The state attorneys general who cracked down on Craigslist. Being a politician means you get to make grandiose statements about problems and then do nothing to solve them. If the advertising of prostitution on the Internet is a problem, pushing sex workers off Craigslist did nothing to stop it. Indeed, it is well documented that the problem simply moved elsewhere on the Web. What a waste of time. What a bad precedent.

7. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd: Jeez, Mark. Cheating on your wife is your family's business, but playing games to cover it up by faking expense reports and throwing extra business to the lady in question is disgraceful and altogether turkeyish. What a shame that you got a huge severance payout and a great new job as co-president of Oracle.

8. The 19 senators who voted to censor the Internet: U.S. officials are always running off at the mouth when other countries censor the Web, but when their big campaign contributors in the music and movie industries wanted action, these turkeys were quick to comply. The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously (when was the last time blue and red senators agreed on anything?) approved the odious Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act that would give the Justice Department the ability to block access to sites that are dedicated (whatever that means) to infringing copyright.

9. Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina: Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, Fiorina's failed Senate campaign had to turn your stomach. Here's the person who personally destroyed tens of thousands of tech jobs in Silicon Valley and Texas, running on the promise of creating jobs, while spending millions of her own money to spread the bull. What a turkey. (And what is it about HP CEOs?)

10. Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn: Protecting trademarks and other intellectual property isn't a joke, but Best Buy became a laughingstock by sending a cease-and-desist letter to Father Luke Strand of Fond du Lac, Wisc. The padre's crime? He took the Geek Squad logo, altered it to read "God Squad," and painted it on the side of his Volkswagen Beetle.

That's the list; I hope these turkeys don't give your heartburn. Have a great holiday.

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