Enterprise Windows readers' choice for 2010

What Enterprise Windows blog fans preferred to read about this past year

This has been quite an exciting year in technology. We saw the release of a slew of new solutions from Microsoft, including Windows Phone 7, but it will probably go down in history as the year of the Apple iPad.

The Enterprise Windows blog has had a banner year as well, covering the ins and outs of key Microsoft technology -- particularly Windows Server, Exchange, related servers, and Windows 7.

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Now that the year is all but done, I reviewed what Enterprise Windows column posts got the readers' attention. Some of the results really shocked me, while others I knew ahead of time would be hot topics that would draw a crowd.

With no further ado, here are the readers' choices for the top 10 Enterprise Windows columns in 2010:

Don't upgrade to Windows Server 2008 R2 until you read this

This column gets the award for greatest longevity, landing in the top 10 for the year despite having been written in Oct. 2009. In this post, I explain when you might upgrade to Windows Server 2008 R2, depending on your needs. At the same time, I also explain that there are occasions when you don't have to upgrade to take advantage of key features. This post can save you thousands of dollars. It's done just that for many readers in 2010 and will carry forward into 2011 as sound advice for what to upgrade in regard to Windows Server 2008 R2.

Truly awesome tools for Windows 7 power users

This was a fun post. I pored over a variety of tools that are free or have a free demo, all of which promised to cover an assortment of useful functions, such as improve system performance, sync with colleagues, and transform your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot. My favorite tool is Stardock Fences, which is one of the first programs I installed on my new PC.

20 Windows 7 quick tips and tricks for IT admins

I wrote this one right after speaking at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans. It was a real great session, and the room was packed. I stuffed 50 tips and tricks into an hour-long presentation. It wasn't enough time, but the energy was up and the audience loved it. This post took my favorite 20 tips and tricks from the session.

Microsoft Security Essentials: Free, so what's the catch?

I stumbled upon this one accidentally. I had no idea there was a free antivirus product that included Windows Defender and could be used on home systems and in small businesses of up to 10 workstations (a paid business version is coming). I assumed my readers, for the most part, didn't know about it either, so I wanted to share the good news. Note that on Dec. 21, Microsoft announced new features such as heuristic, network traffic inspection.

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