Virtual Bridges launches VDI management platform

VERDE 5's desktop virtualization management and provisioning platform delivers desktops to the cloud

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New features in this version include:

  • Support for the SPICE protocol: A high-definition multimedia protocol from Red Hat designed to deliver a high-quality user experience, similar to that of a local machine, but in a LAN environment
  • SmartCast: A feature that provisions the appropriate protocol (SPICE or RDP) based on the user connection and the type of desktop being delivered
  • An integrated management console: Combining online, offline, and branch VDI; facilitates granular role- and task-based provisioning; provides centralized visibility and reporting
  • Full USB 2.0 support: Offering support for a wide array of USB devices, such as keyboards, mice, USB drives, printers, scanners, and cameras across online, offline, and branch VDI scenarios

VERDE 5's VDI Gen2 capabilities include unified monitoring and management of desktops across online, offline, and branch environments; high-definition multimedia support; automatic bidirectional sync for true mobility; and advanced cloud branch capabilities, including disaster recovery and business continuity.

It also adds a feature called Zero-Admin Cloud Branch, which promises to deliver LAN-like VDI performance for branch users so that they can ensure disaster recovery and business continuity. When asked, Curtin described Cloud Branch to InfoWorld by saying, "It's all about freeing your branch offices from slow, unreliable WAN connections."

He continued, "Simply put, our server connects directly to the VERDE Cluster and Gold Master Image repository, ensuring IT services are up and running for every employee at every branch -- delivering a native-PC experience all the time, even over choppy, unreliable networks. Organizations benefit from higher performance and response times while maintaining centralized control of desktop images in the data center."

But technology isn't this startup's only weapon in this battle for VDI market dominance. The company is also working together with an industry giant of its own: VERDE 5 is available as an integrated offering with IBM's Cloud Service Provider Platform, supplying virtual desktop management and provisioning capabilities. Service providers can use VERDE to accelerate the delivery of cost-effective cloud-based VDI workloads to businesses of all sizes.

According to Curtin, "The combination of IBM's Cloud Service Provider Platform and VERDE delivers a powerful service provider-ready solution that not only provisions the cloud infrastructure but also the integrated virtual desktop 'workload' on top of it."

This seems like a good partnership, especially with both companies betting on KVM technology.

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