Android tablets ignore the enterprise to their peril

As Apple declares its enterprise intentions, Android tablets appear to be ignoring enterprise IT needs

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So what about using a Galaxy Tab to connect to your office Cisco VPN? Or information for administrators? If relevant information exists on the Galaxy Tab marketing or support site, it's not easily found.

Galaxy Tab users attempting unsuccessfully to connect to a Cisco VPN have tried running an OpenVPN client that requires the user to root their Galaxy Tab. Just imagine IT telling users to root their Android tablet so that they can connect to the enterprise network -- fat chance indeed. (The Motorola Xoom website provides no mention of enterprise readiness.)

In another example, enterprises that want to use their own root CA (certificate authority) chain or import an untrusted public root CA not in the Android OS firmware cannot do so. This omission of this security-related feature remains an identified Android issue with a medium priority on the issues list. ( has also discovered the the Galaxy Tab, like some other Android devices, lies about compliance with Exchange ActiveSync security policies. Android device makers risk IT ire by allowing such issues to occur.)

Now, head to the iPad Support site. Right away you'll notice that Enterprise is a support topic listed on the left-hand navigation menu. From here, consumers and IT workers can learn about topics such as ActiveSync configuration, enterprise networking, deployment, and security.

Android tablets ignore the enterprise at their peril

InfoWorld colleague Ted Samson recently wrote about Apple formally declaring its enterprise intentions:

But now Apple has apparently come out of the enterprise closet: The company today pushed out a promotional email, entitled "Mac in the Enterprise," that is chockfull of information for large businesses on how to integrate Macs, iPhones, and iPads into their IT ecosystems.

The simple and effective manner in which Apple is communicating the iPad's business-readiness, if even for occasional usage, deserves not just kudos: It begs for imitation from Android device makers.

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