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The InfoWorld news quiz: Dec. 10, 2010: WikiLeaks grows leakier, Web trackers get sneakier

It was yet another week thoroughly dominated by WikiLeaks, with more disclosures, arrests, retaliations, recriminations, and about a billion blogs discussing all of the above. Still, there were other tech topics worthy of attention, such as a rash of new devices sporting different Google operating systems; a new data management service from; yet another Facebook meme; and new ways to track who's been tracking you across the Net. Can you hunt down the answers to our quiz? Award yourself 10 points each time you do. Now put your nose to the keyboard and begin.

1. Google unveiled its second attempt at a handset, the Nexus S. What delicious mobile OS will the next Nexus serve up?

a. Gingerbread
b. Honeycomb
c. Gingercookie
d. Honeybuns

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