Linux IQ test: Round 2

Acing our first test of free OS acumen may have been a snap, but only true Linux junkies can expect to survive Round 2

So you live and breathe Linux, eh? You've aced Linux IQ Test: Round 1 and our Open Source IQ Test to boot. The free OS runs on your phone, your netbook, your desktop, and even your alarm clock. You named your dog Linus and you have Tux wallpaper. You take such great pride in your uptimes that you brag about them at the lunch table. Andrew Morton signed your underwear. You're in the game.

But how much do you really know about the most pervasive open-source project on the planet? Take our Round 2 of our Linux IQ test and find out.

1. What was the last released version of Red Hat Linux?

a. 5.5
b. 7.3
c. 9
d. 10

Take the Linux IQ Test: Round 2

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