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InfoWorld news quiz: Nov. 5, 2010: Facebook deals, Twitter squeals, file swapper loses another appeal

Call this week's theme "yet another." This week Facebook offered to send coupons to your smartphone and found itself in the middle of yet another privacy controversy (No. 437 in a series). Yet another "Google killer" search engine debuted, Twitter laid down yet more rules for trademark scofflaws, Dell attempted to acquire yet another cloud-based company, and file-swapping momma Jammie Thomas lost -- yes -- yet another court battle in her war with the RIAA. Can you persuade our jury to give you a perfect score? Make your case by getting 10 points for each correct answer. Hear ye, hear ye, court is now in session.

1. Facebook's new Deals feature lets you receive special offers when you check into Facebook Places at select locations. Which of the following is not one of the deals Deals will be dealing?

a. Free pair of blue jeans
b. Discount on Justin Bieber concert tickets
c. Get on the guest list for a swanky Vegas nightclub
d. Form a human tunnel for college football players

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