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InfoWorld news quiz: Nov. 12, 2010: Samsung enters the tablet game, Amazon suffers Internet shame

Another week, another tablet PC -- now Samsung's Galaxy is hoping to knock the iPad into orbit. What else happened this week? Amazon felt the wrath of an outraged public, Windows Phone 7 handsets officially went on sale, yet another browser debuted to take on IE/Firefox/Chrome, and we learned of new and possibly unhygienic ways to use e-books and smartphones. Do you have the smarts to ace this week's quiz? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now wash your hands thoroughly and begin.

1. Samsung's Galaxy tablet PC is about to hit the streets. Which of the following is not what some of the early reviewers had to say about it?

a. Gorgeous but costly
b. The iPad's first real rival
c. Will make you forget the iPad ever existed
d. A pocketable train wreck

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