Not your average day at the office: The tech edition

Who says tech life is boring? These stories from Off the Record's archives show IT can be funny, frustrating, and off-the-wall

IT training often emphasizes technical control and expertise, and experienced admins learn to anticipate the unexpected. However, even the most seasoned techies are in for surprises, whether as a result of poor tech decision making by decidedly nontechnical top brass, users who ignore basic tech issues, or even strange self-inflicted situations. As frustrating as they may have seemed as they were happening, these quandaries are often hilarious in hindsight.

Here are stories from the Off the Record archives from tech's front lines about the funny, frustrating, or unforeseen anecdotes that crop up from time to time. If you have your own crazy IT story to share, send it to and we'll run it here.

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