Payback arrives for a so-called power user

A know-it-all power user swears he's backed up all his data, then blames the tech when a spreadsheet disappears

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Our technicians are told to never become confrontational with users, but to bring any issues to me. This technician arrived back in the shop, understandably worked up over the dressing-down that the power user had given her. I assured her I would take care of the situation.

I called the user, and he began verbally attacking me over the stupidity of the staff we used and demanding that his file be recovered. Since he'd saved it to his C: drive, and not the corporate network drive (like everyone is instructed to do), the file was not backed up. After listening to a couple minutes of his tirade, I politely told him I'd see what I could do.

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What I did was call his manager and tell him of how this person had treated the technician and myself. The manager was very apologetic about the incident and told me he'd take care of it. He also indicated he was aware of this person's confrontational attitude, and it was not the first time people had complained of him.

The end of the story is that this person was given three days off without pay and had to apologize to my technician and me.

I'm sure everyone has had an experience of losing data, either inadvertently or through computer failure. This does not give the right to verbally abuse someone for doing their job, when all they are trying to do is help. Thankfully, these types of people are in the minority, and most users are grateful to have their computer working once again.

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