Payback arrives for a so-called power user

A know-it-all power user swears he's backed up all his data, then blames the tech when a spreadsheet disappears

We had limited technical staff at the business where I worked, so we contracted with a third party for our day-to-day service calls. These technicians would exchange monitors, mice, and keyboards that needed to be replaced and reimage hard drives that became inoperative.

One day, a "power user" put in a service call for a PC that was freezing up and required a reboot to get working again. It could have been a hardware issue, or possibly the hard drive needed to be defragged. Sometimes our corporate image would become corrupt and a reimage would be required.

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Our third-party technicians were instructed to have the users back up their own documents before the reimage began. This was standard policy, as only the user could know which documents and information were important to be saved. It was not the technician's responsibility to perform this action, only to make sure the user was directed to back up the documents.

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This particular user was notorious for being a loudmouth. He went to great pains to make sure that everyone knew how much he knew about computers. He was a "power user" and, as with most know-it-alls, was loathe to take any direction from anyone.

The technician went to the site and asked the user to back up all his important data, as the reimage would wipe the disk and install a fresh operating system and applications. He assured her that he had done this and gave her permission to reimage the hard drive. The technician proceeded.

After the image had been installed, the user was asked to restore his data. Well, lo and behold, a spreadsheet he'd been working on for two weeks had disappeared. He began cursing and cussing out the technician for being stupid enough to erase his work.

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