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InfoWorld news quiz: Oct. 22, 2010: Apple goes back to the Mac; Windows phones go on the attack

In what seems to have become a monthly occurrence, Apple held yet another special event, foisting even more cool toys upon a gadget-hungry nation, but that's not all. The first reviews of Windows 7 Phones came in (verdict: not as bad as you'd expect). Facebook got called on the carpet by Congress for -- yes -- more privacy shenanigans, while Microsoft lost the heir apparent to Steve Ballmer, though no chairs were thrown. Are you up to speed on all things geek? Prove it by nailing our quiz (10 questions, 10 points apiece). Now get crack-a-lackin'.

1. Apple went "back to the Mac" this week with a vengeance, announcing a slew of non-iPhone-related products. Which of the following was not one of them?

a. New version of the Mac OS X
b. Touchscreen iMac desktop
c. 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air
d. New version of iLife

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