Report shows cultural, political gaps between Mac and Window users

Mac users lean left and trend chic, while PC users like their soda caffeinated and their motorbikes loud

If you're a liberal-leaning urbanite who prefers bistro-type French fries to McDonald's fries, you're more likely to consider yourself a Mac person. If, on the other hand, you're a suburbanite who prefers a tuna fish sandwich to shwarma, a Harley to a Vespa, and "20/20" to "60 Minutes," you're more likely to fall into the Windows (or PC) camp.

Those, at any rate, are among the findings in a report compiled by, based on more than 80 million aggregated responses to an array of questions gathered from March 2009 through April 2011. Hunch stresses that correlation doesn't imply causation, meaning it would be imprudent to conclude, for example, that using a Mac will turn you into a liberal or that spending more time viewing Hollywood films instead of indie films will lure you to Windows-based computing.

According to Hunch, 52 percent of its users identified themselves as PC users, while 25 percent deemed themselves Mac people. The remaining 23 percent chose neither.

In general, the report found that PC users are more likely to be between the ages of 35 and 49, live in a suburban or rural area, and prefer casual fashion trending toward jeans. Among soft drinks, they lean toward Pepsi, Jolt, and Orange Crush. During cocktail hour, they opt for strawberry daiquiris, Irish coffee, or screaming orgasms; if going to the vino, they'll take California-style Chardonnay, a white zin, or pinot grigio.

PC users tend to consider themselves less tech-savvy than Mac users do, and they tend to be relatively late adopters of new technology. Windows users' magazines of choice include TV Guide, Redbook, and US Weekly -- compared to Mac users who prefer reading Dwell, ReadyMade, and MacWorld.

Mac users, as noted, are more likely to live in a city, to lean left politically, and to have a four-year college degree or higher (67 percent vs. 54 percent among PC users). They're 80 percent more likely to be vegetarian than self-described PC users.

Among their preferred soft drinks are San Pelligrino Limonata and Boylan's Root Beer. At the bar, they prefer ordering a hot toddy, a gimlet, or a Moscow mule as a cocktail, or a chianti, Côtes du Rhône, or cabernet sauvignon among wines. They also say they throw parties more often than PC users.

When hitting the Web, Mac users' top destinations include Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, and Boing Boing, as opposed to PC users who head to I Can Haz Cheeseburger, Go Fug Yourself, and Mac users are also 27 percent more likely to choose the New York Times over USA Today for the paper-based media intake.

Among other differences, Mac users say they have stronger verbal skills than PC users; PC users consider themselves better at math. Mac users prefer modern art, while PC users are more likely to appreciate a work of Impressionism.

There may be much on which self-described Mac and PC users disagree, but they do have common ground one on particular TV show: Both camps say "The Office" is the funniest show on television, though among PC users, "South Park" is tied for that top slot.

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