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April 15, 2011: RIM PlayBook fails to impress, Steve Jobs life story going to press

Happy tax day -- and if that's not an oxymoron, then nothing is. This week RIM unveiled the first BlackBerry tablet; Steve Jobs officially agreed to let someone put his life on paper; Congress tried to make the Web safer (or at least, marginally more private); Mark Zuckerberg won one paternity suit for Facebook, only to find himself in the middle of another; and the founder of decided to sue practically every tech company on the planet. Have you got the moxie to master our quiz? Give yourself 10 points each time you get one right. And remember, like with your Form 1040s, cheating is not allowed. Now begin.

1. RIM has finally unveiled its answer to the Apple iPad. Which of the following is not one of the early reviews of the PlayBook tablet?

a. It has codependency issues
b. It's boring but useful
c. It suffers from multiple personality disorder
d. The best Android tablet to date

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