Dell's new services ease move to virtual desktop

Dell is partnering with Citrix and VMware to offer prepackaged hardware, software, and services solutions that simplify cloud and local desktop virtualization

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Dell offers four delivery models designed to implement and/or operate the solution based on specific customer business requirements, customer preferences, and IT environments: a hosted solution called Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service (vDaaS), where Dell provides managed virtual desktops hosted from the Dell Cloud; a Managed Service Solution, where Dell implements and manages the customer purchased Integrated Solution Stack either on-premise or in a Dell data center; a Customer Managed Solution, where Dell implements the customer-purchased stack within the customer's on-premise location with Dell turning over management of operations, monitoring, and incident resolution to the customer once the deployment is completed; and finally, a custom-designed and custom-built solution that utilizes Dell's best-of-breed ingredients and modified reference architectures.

Dell also announced plans to extend DDVS to include mobile packages specifically designed for vertical markets, including education institutions and health care, which makes sense since these two verticals have been a good proving ground for this type of technology thus far. Both verticals also have end-users who are on the move and need access to the same virtual desktop in multiple places and on multiple endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops, or tablets.

Dell's plan for being there to support companies from the initial assessment to the design to the actual deployment and implementation, and beyond could be the missing formula needed to help organizations transform their desktop environments from a physical to a virtual world in 2011.

The new DDVS is available now in the United States and is expected to be available in other countries later this year. Pricing for the cloud service is on a per-seat, per-month basis.

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