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April 8, 2011: Email marketer springs a leak, Google goes for something sweet

It's spring fever time here in Quizland, where the biggest story this week was a data breach that put millions of email addresses in the hands of scammers. What else happened? Moribund video chain Blockbuster finally found a buyer, Anonymous found yet another target for its bottomless pool of anger, AT&T found itself at the bottom of yet another user survey, and we just found out Google has a serious sweet tooth. Can you find the inner strength to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now find yourself a comfortable spot and begin. 

1. An major commercial email database was breached, potentially giving millions of user identities to scammers. Which e-marketing company says security is Greek to them?

a. Omicron
b. Upsilon
c. Epsilon
d. Omega

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