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InfoWorld news quiz: March 18, 2011: IE9's beta period comes to an end, 4chan wants to be your friend

Happy Saint Patty's Day plus one, otherwise known as the day your clothes are their normal shade but your skin looks a little green. What happened this week? Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 to the general public, which reacted more enthusiastically than it did with previous Microsoft browsers. The SXSW digital hipster confab came and went, though the show was more notable for what wasn't announced. Netflix signaled its intent to become the next HBO, while 4chan wants to be the next Facebook. Are you still feeling the luck of the Irish? Spill a little of it onto this quiz and see if you can nab a perfect score. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Now go out and make us green with envy.

1. Internet Explorer 9 has been released into the wild, and the reviews have been, well, not as bad as you might expect. Which of the following is not one of them?

a. The best browser for Windows
b. Much better than any other version of IE to date
c. A great improvement over previous incarnations
d. A real pleasure to use

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