Bugged out by pests and printers

As one on-call technician discovers, appearances can be deceiving when you're making on-site repairs

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Last I heard, they have a new printer and a new policy about checking inside computers and printers for pests and food particles. I have not been back to that location.

One motivation for getting a job done fast

Another day, I was called to a job to replace a dead graphic card. The location was a residence. From the outside, the house looked innocent enough -- lawn was kept, cars looked clean. I rang the doorbell and was let inside.

It was like I'd walked into a crack den. The whole place was filthy. Every room in the house was used as a bedroom (there was a mattress in every room, including the kitchen); discarded clothes were everywhere; trash was on the floor; and the place stank of whatever the residents were smoking mixed with the smells of filth.

I believe it was one of my fastest jobs ever -- I was in and out of the house in less than 10 minutes.

What I learned from these experiences is that anything and everything is possible when you're going out on location to make tech repairs. You get to meet people in their home or office environments, see how they treat each other, and of course, view evidence of extreme neglect. I've learned to be at least mentally prepared for the unexpected.

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