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April 1, 2011: Google offers something to 'like'; Amazon tells Apple to take a hike

It's been all Google, all the time this week -- appropriately enough, given that Google has dominated April Fools' for nearly a decade. But this time, the headlines were mostly real. The G-folks unveiled the addition of Facebook-like social recommendations to search results, announced the winner of its municipal broadband sweepstakes, got spanked by the FTC for violating user privacy via its Buzz social net, and were accused of yet more improprieties by Microsoft. What else happened? Amazon got some skin in the music streaming game, Bill Gates got dissed by an old comrade, and New York City's Bronx Zoo is short one viper. Have you got what it takes to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now go out there and try not to look foolish.

1. Google has finally come up with an answer to Facebook's Like button. What's it, like, called?

a. G-up
b. +1
c. -0
d. G-damn

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