Windows 7 patches break VMware View connection

VMware users failed to connect to their virtual desktops because of two Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates

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Lee added that in order to remedy this with their customers, VMware issued the VMware View update referenced in the Knowledge Base article "within 24 hours of the Microsoft Security Patch, in an effort to minimize customer impact."

While this incompatibility issue between Microsoft's updates and VMware's software was quickly remedied, Gartner's research vice president Chris Wolf took the opportunity to provide a warning to companies considering a BYOD (bring your own device) delivery model. While this model can help companies save on hardware costs and reduce the number of devices employees use on a regular basis, this scenario also shows how BYOD comes with its own set of support issues and management challenges.

"For organizations planning BYOD scenarios, this week's Windows 7 patch issue should make you consider the potential for a large-scale break created on Patch Tuesday," writes Wolf on his Gartner blog. "If we fast-forward a couple of years, it's possible for an IT organization to have to deal with remediating this type of problem for thousands of users.

"Contingency planning, remediation testing, and training that may also include patch distribution through personal email is an essential, but sometimes overlooked aspect of deploying BYOD solutions," advised Wolf. "Organizations that are fixing broken VMware View connectivity on user-owned Windows 7 devices are learning that lesson the hard way."

At the end of the day, it seems as though this particular situation was really more bark than bite. Sure, if affected, it may have appeared to be a major ordeal when it happened. But technically speaking, the problem seems pretty minor after the fact. VMware was quick to respond with an easy-to-follow solution and work-around, and even if affected, nobody should have lost any data or seen any permanent damage from this bug.

Of course, that's also little consolation to anyone using VMware View who hadn't heard the news or found the solution to the problem, but instead, remained idle because they couldn't connect to their environment.

Does an event like this give you pause as you contemplate moving your organization from a thick client, managed PC to a virtual hosted desktop environment? Or was this much ado about nothing?

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