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InfoWorld news quiz: March 11, 2011 -- HP to unveil new tricks, Facebook takes on Netflix

HP went searching for its soul and found it in an unexpected place, or so CEO Leo Apotheker told Businessweek this week. What else happened? Facebook went to the movies, Sony sicced the hounds on PS3 hackers, Apple and Microsoft are having a dispute over size, Angry Birds got a little less peeved, and it turns out all earthlings are actually tourists -- at least, if one NASA researcher is to be believed. Do you have otherworldly quiz-taking skills? Prove it by acing the following 10 questions. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Now take us to your leader (and begin).

1. Starting in 2012, HP plans to include a little something extra with every PC it sells. What is it?

a. A Palm Pre smartphone
b. A year's subscription to HP cloud services
c. A copy of WebOS
d. A puppy

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